Agent Apprenticeship

An  (  Agent. )  is usually A shift Supervisor, Department head, Superintendent, General Contractor, Lead person, Individual straw boss, Individual salesperson, ( Independent person ) with some other work force Classification, with right connections.


            Agent Independent Word of Mouth.

An  (  Agent. ) receives 10% commission pay weekly the second seven days on Friday, in there hand or by mail for total gross percentage of Union Cousin Employee.   Employee work Ticket and Liabilty Form must be signed each day. 


January first Membership Annual Year.

An (  Agent  ) must sign up same Company Or Contractor every January first,  this will help gain and maintain Employers business. An (Agent ) will receive commission pay Weekly for as long as Business, Company, Contrator, Customer, Employer, use Union Cousin Labor Service, Annual January first to December Thirty first each year.



An Agent may set up special meeting & lunch, based on, long term business customer, sure thing or Annual year agreement. The Agent and Union Cousin Manager will sit down, discuss terms.


                    10% commission Gross

Agent makes his/her money by multiplying his/her Sales.